A Crack In The Foundation – Is It Serious?

For some reason, you may have wandered around the exterior or basement area of your house in which you can see parts of the foundation. As you look around, you may have noticed something that will cause serious worry for most homeowners. What this article is talking about is a crack in the foundation. 

Is a crack in your foundation serious? What should I do about it? If you are asking yourself these questions, then stick around as this article is going to cover the answers.

The Crack in the Foundation Wall

If you notice a crack in the foundation, don't be alarmed as most cracks in the foundation are simply caused by the expansion of the concrete. These expanding cracks are generally harmless and it’s not a cause for worry. However, there are certain telltale signs that it may be the right time to call a foundation professional to check the integrity of your foundation. 

There are 2 key signs that you should be clues of something more serious. The first thing you need to do is to get a measuring tape or ruler. What you need to do is measure the crack at its widest point. Generally, any crack that is not wider than a quarter of an inch is harmless and it's simply an expanding crack.

Another sign to be on the lookout are two sides of the crack. If the two surfaces of the crack are on the same level, then it's generally nothing to be worried about. However, if one side of the crack is raised compared to the other side, then it's a time to call in an expert and let them checkout the condition of the foundation. 

What You Can Do About It?

If the cracks are serious, then call a contractor as soon as possible. 

For instances that the crack isn't serious, then there are two things you can do. If the crack is under a covering like a carpet, then you can simply leave it be. For exposed cracks, you can simply ignore it, but if the sight bothers you then you can do a repair. 

To repair a surface, you can simply purchase concrete filler. Fill the cracks with the concrete filler, and leave it to dry. Also, don't forget to wipe-off the excess concrete filler. 

Most homeowners would be terrified to see a crack in the foundation. However, most of the time, such kinds of cracks are mere expansive cracks. It's not a cause for worry. However, if the cracks are more than a quarter of an inch wide and/or the other side of the crack is raised compared to the other side, then it’s time to call a professional to check out the crack and the condition of your foundation.